Thursday, September 15, 2011

General Nakar Quezon, Coastal Clean up.

Early morning of setptember 8, 2011, residents together with different institution in General Nakar, Quezon. Picked up every trash especially the non-bios ones. It is not just coastal clean up. Every Streets and public places are cleaned up.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Earning online without own website

Just looking for  ways to earn online without your own domain in website. There are ways definitely it is even without spending any penny. I am checking out the my post's title in google and their many post and blog.  There are scams but there truthful. Most of the ways are doing task online and installing toolbars or add-on in your browser. Another "but" is you should upgrade your membership tot premium or gold for more earnings.

Check out to look for legit websites.

TIP: google the PTC site for it scam reviews. Just like searching "PTC site" + scam. Good Luck.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Best Portable Software : Liberkey

I am using Liberkey for almost a year now. It is helping me allot. Just knowing that it is portable, you do not have to install it into your computer.  Just extract new liberkey or copy the old liberkey in a portable device and you are ready to go. Liberkey has been in support of different Open Source and free wares in it from other GNU and GPL developers. From software tools to internet browsers, from notepad++ to filezilla they have. I think the best thing in it is they have Open office. Liberkey is also adaptive to your taste. They can be configured and customized. They mp3 player, music editor, video editor and they even have a website copier. That is all for free. To learn more, go to Does the battle sport a such contour?